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[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Joseph D. Becker

It is my distinct pleasure to offer my strongest endorsement for a fellow career Special Operations Officer who I know well from decades of service together: Captain Edward (Ed) G. Gallrein III, US Navy/SEAL (Ret.), a candidate for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District.

I am a retired career active-duty US Air Force Special Operations helicopter pilot with 27 years of active-duty service. My assignments include numerous leadership positions in Special Operations Aviation Units and on Joint Special Operations staffs around the globe, culminating as Chief of Staff for the Joint Special Operations Command. I have supported, served with and under, and commanded SEAL Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers throughout my career.

I first served with Ed as a Navy Lieutenant SEAL Officer in 1988 shortly after he had completed an arduous advanced SEAL skills training and selection program for assignment to the SEAL Special Mission Unit at which he was assigned to a SEAL Officer leadership position; I was the Air Force liaison officer to that unit and worked closely with him in the planning for and conduct of complex special operations missions all over the world. Afterwards, I served with him numerous times all over the globe throughout the remainder of our careers including combat in several conflicts. We were also War College classmates where he was at the top of our class of over 240 Senior Military officers as a Distinguished Graduate with Honors.

Ed always distinguished himself as a courageous SEAL and leader under pressure – never shying away from making tough calls, including in combat. Additionally, I recall Ed routinely volunteering for and accepting the most arduous assignments and back-to-back deployments where he excelled in the most challenging conditions. Ed also distinguished himself in retirement as a Senior Advisor for Special Operations where he expertly applied his experience and extensive advanced education and stood out among his peers.

Ed is one of the most principled and selfless servant-leaders that I have ever met. He has demonstrated the ability to lead and serve and is certain to represent his Senate District with distinction: I ask you to stand with me for Ed for State Senate.

Joseph D. Becker
Colonel (Ret), USAF