from the Campaign

[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] John Wills

It is our job as Voters to interview candidates and select the candidate that offers the best skills to be our legislator.

Ed Gallrein is out front here for me.

I first meet Ed when Bill Gallrein introduced us at farm.

Ed had just moved here to be near family after retiring from the Navy.

I found Ed easy to talk to, easy to get to know, easy to respect. Big for me he listens. As I have gotten to know Ed better the respect has grown.

With Ed the work ethic is there. The conservative Christian values are there. The strong Family values are there. The ability to do this job is there.

Ed’s ability to see a problem and the desire and ability to find a solution are there.

Do your job as a voter, get to know Ed. When you do you will vote to elect Ed Gallrein to be your next State Senator.

Folks, who we elect here has never been more important. Our vote, above all else, has to be about putting the best, the strongest, and the most able in office.

That’s why my vote will be to elect Ed Gallrein.

Join me. Go vote for Ed Gallrein.

John Wills

Shelbyville KY