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[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Bobby Waits

I’m a lifelong Shelby County resident, a former Deputy Sheriff and Jailer who served a career in law enforcement leadership positions. I am writing to endorse Ed Gallrein as the Republican candidate for Kentucky State Senate District 7. Based on my experience I can confidently state that Ed Gallrein is the best choice in this Senate race to effectively represent us in Frankfort.

I was born and raised here in Shelby County where I served for seven years as a Shelby County Deputy Sheriff and 20 years as the Jailer. I also served as the President of the Kentucky Jailers Association (KJA) multiple times.

In my career, I had to carefully navigate challenges and issues that touch multiple groups, from law enforcement and the judicial system to government regulations and bureaucrats. Armed with that experience and knowing Ed’s qualifications and his family well, I can state with full confidence that he is the only candidate in this race with the proven leadership experience and qualifications to represent us. Ed will effectively serve our County and this District as a State Senator at the intersection of state government, federal government, career bureaucrats, and special interests.

Ed has demonstrated the skills necessary to build relationships and develop solutions to keep our communities prospering and safe. He has also demonstrated the courage to stand up to government wrongdoing including politicians and special interests that don’t have “We the People’s” welfare in mind.

I urge all Republican voters in Anderson, Henry, Jefferson (eastern part), and Shelby Counties to support Ed Gallrein on Tuesday, May 21. Ed is the leader we need to represent us effectively and faithfully in Frankfort. Join with me to elect a true proven leader and authentic Champion for the hard-working people of Senate District 7.


Bobby Waits
Shelby County Native, Jailer and Sheriff (Retired), Local Farmer