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[Sentinel News] Local Sheriff Endorses Ed Gallrein

from Sentinel News

I am writing to express my strongest endorsement for Ed Gallrein as the Republican candidate for Kentucky State Senate in District 7. As a lifelong Shelby County resident, and as the former Sheriff with over 33 years of service to our community in law enforcement leadership positions, and having familiarity with the other candidates, I can state authoritatively that Ed Gallrein is undoubtedly the right and only choice in this race to effectively represent us, our values and effectively champion the issues that matter most to our County and district.

I grew up here in Shelby County on our family farm. I served 13 years as Chief Deputy Sheriff of Shelby County, and I was elected four times (serving 16 years) as the Sheriff of Shelby County. As a result of my many years of extensive law enforcement duties and activities throughout this part of Kentucky, I know this County and this district and its people well. I also know Ed and his family well, so I can state with 100% confidence that we are fortunate to have a candidate in this race with such an extraordinary and unmatched record of authentic and proven leadership and accomplishment from the farm to the battlefield and back to the farm to serve our County and this district.

Ed Gallrein’s impressive background as a 5thgeneration family farmer speaks for itself — as all in this area know that his family have demonstrated excellence in Agriculture for over 100 years. His remarkable career as an active duty Navy SEAL Officer and Army Ranger spans three decades and includes leading hundreds of SEALs and thousands of troops all over the world. He is a battle-tested leader who served at the highest levels of leadership that also included formulating foreign policy and national security strategy. Impressively, and evidence of his courage and dedication, Ed earned three Bronze Stars, the Army Combat Parachutist Badge with Bronze Star, as well as two Presidential Unit Citations (each comparable to a Navy Cross), among numerous other awards and decorations. Not only did Ed achieve excellence on the battlefield, but he also excelled in education, too, by earning an undergraduate degree in Agriculture, as well as graduate degrees in Agriculture, Financial Management, Military Intelligence, and National Security Strategic Studies (with honors). Note: A little known fact is that Ed is also a Business Executive Leadership Coach for an International Company based on his expertise, knowledge and understanding of business.

Ed has pledged to donate his entire Senate salary to charities in our communities and scholarships for our youth. This further exemplifies his dedication to giving back and investing in the future of our district through selfless service as his family is well known for here in the County.

This is the kind of authentic and genuine experienced leader with the skills and grit we need to navigate the complexities of Frankfort politics, build relationships, formulate solutions and advance legislation and policies that keep our communities in this County and district thriving and safe.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly urge all voters in Anderson, Henry, Jefferson (eastern part), and Shelby Counties to support Ed Gallrein on Tuesday, May 21. With his proven leadership, dedication to serving our communities, and selfless commitment to public service, Ed is the candidate we need to represent us in Frankfort. Together, let’s elect a true and authentic leader and Champion for the hard-working people of Senate District 7.

Mike Armstrong
Shelby County native
Sheriff (retired) and local farmer