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[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] S.W. Davis Col USMC (Ret)

Writer endorses Gallrein

It is a distinguished pleasure to provide my strongest endorsement for Captain Ed Gallrein III, (USNavy/SEAL (Ret)), a Republican candidate for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District in the May 21, 2024 primary.

I am a retired United States Marine Corps Colonel with more than 30 years of active duty service to include combat tours in Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-91), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2002 & East Africa (CJTF-HOA) 2003-2004) and Operation Iraq Freedom (2005-2006). An infantry officer by trade, I have spent many years in Marine Corps Reconnaissance Units and Special Operations assignments culminating as the Deputy Commander, Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Upon retiring I have continued to consult and train USSOCOM units to include all SEAL Teams on both coasts.

I met Ed Gallrein when I was assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) at Ft Bragg, now Ft Liberty, NC in 1997. We worked closely on a daily basis for the next 2 years providing liaison, planning and operational expertise to Combatant Commanders with particular focus on the US Central Command and the Middle East. This partnership has been continuous to the present day and includes work consulting in support of Special Operations across the globe. Of note, Ed Gallrein received an individual award for superior performance for work with Polish Special Forces, work that ensured enhanced capability in an Allied nation’s premier force.

Many things about Ed Gallrein stand out immediately. No. 1, he is a true force of nature. Ed is a natural leader and routinely demonstrates proactive leadership. He is highly intelligent and always takes the initiative in leading people, using a farmer’s no nonsense approach to problem solving and developing plans to achieve superior results. His endurance is legendary. He has always had more energy than five 5 year olds! He’s tough. You already know that given his biography and the endorsements from his fellow SEALs. But his greatest qualities are his values, his love of family and his yearning to return to his birthplace and farm in Kentucky. Ed is a solid, just, Christian man who knows what right is. He is decisive, courageous and relentless in pursuing justice, bringing resolution to difficult problems, and finding the way to a ‘win win’ solution that benefits all.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make Ed Gallrein your State Senate candidate. His proven record of accomplishment and selfless service speaks for itself. Please allow one of our best to continue to serve and represent you, the good people of the 7th Senate District, with distinction.

Semper Fidelis,

S.W. Davis
Col USMC (Ret)