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[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Bill Gallrein Sr.

Gallrein III for 7th Senate District

It is my pleasure to provide the Gallrein Family’s strongest endorsement for Ed Gallrein III, who is a candidate for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District, which includes Anderson, Henry, Shelby and a part of east Jefferson County.

Ed is my nephew and the son of my oldest brother, Sonny Gallrein.

Ed grew up on the Gallrein Brothers Dairy Farm on the Ohio River bottoms in Valley Station, Kentucky, where we had farmed for decades. There he learned the value and satisfaction of hard work. He also mastered the ability to work with others to get things done on our family farm — the largest dairy farm in Kentucky at the time.

Ed went on to farm with his dad in Logan County, where they grew their diversified family farm, which included a trucking company and a grain brokerage, to be one of the largest grain farm operations in Kentucky. Ed earned a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Agriculture from Murray State University (where he worked on the school farm), providing him an advanced understanding of production agriculture and agribusiness.

After farming for the first 26 years of his life, Ed had a military career that spanned three decades as an active-duty career Navy SEAL Officer. After retiring from the military nearly a decade ago, Ed returned here to be with family where we helped him get his farm started and still work cooperatively with him. We are thankful to have him back home after years of overseas deployments serving our Nation, including in combat.

Ed’s strong work ethic, extensive leadership experience, eagerness to serve, and deep understanding of our rural communities make him the most qualified candidate to represent our families, businesses, and farms in this Senate District. The Gallrein Family stands with Ed for State Senate!

Bill Gallrein Sr.
Gallrein Farms