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[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Secret Service Agent David F. Ray (Ret.)

by Secret Service Agent David F. Ray (Ret.), Spring Valley Farms

NOTE: Reference is made to Col. Walter M. Herd’s “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” published in the August 16, 2023 edition of THE SENTINEL NEWS.

I want to recognize Col. Herd’s LETTER TO THE EDITOR for his description of former US NAVY SEAL Captain Ed Gallrein and his record in representing our country through his vast experiences in the military and other government assignments.

We, as citizens of this great state, need persons with his knowledge, education and dedication to family, country and hard work.

As a parent with my wife we have four married children, nine grandchildren, and almost four great grandchildren.

Our experience in farming for the past thirty three years in Shelby County, and Inspector General for the State of Kentucky and Special Agent in Charge of the Kentucky U. S. Secret Service Office and including my wife’s duties as a schoolteacher have given us the experiences of a lifetime.

Please recognize Ed Gallrein’s value as a candidate representing us as we plan on voting for him for this most important position in the Kentucky State Senate.