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[Sentinel News] Local Sheriff Endorses Ed Gallrein

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I am writing to express my strongest endorsement for Ed Gallrein as the Republican candidate for Kentucky State Senate in District 7. As a lifelong Shelby County resident, and as the former Sheriff with over 33 years of service to our community in law enforcement leadership positions, and having familiarity with the other candidates, I can state authoritatively that Ed Gallrein is undoubtedly the right and only choice in this race to effectively represent us, our values and effectively champion the issues that matter most to our County and district.

I grew up here in Shelby County on our family farm. I served 13 years as Chief Deputy Sheriff of Shelby County, and I was elected four times (serving 16 years) as the Sheriff of Shelby County. As a result of my many years of extensive law enforcement duties and activities throughout this part of Kentucky, I know this County and this district and its people well. I also know Ed and his family well, so I can state with 100% confidence that we are fortunate to have a candidate in this race with such an extraordinary and unmatched record of authentic and proven leadership and accomplishment from the farm to the battlefield and back to the farm to serve our County and this district.

Ed Gallrein’s impressive background as a 5thgeneration family farmer speaks for itself — as all in this area know that his family have demonstrated excellence in Agriculture for over 100 years. His remarkable career as an active duty Navy SEAL Officer and Army Ranger spans three decades and includes leading hundreds of SEALs and thousands of troops all over the world. He is a battle-tested leader who served at the highest levels of leadership that also included formulating foreign policy and national security strategy. Impressively, and evidence of his courage and dedication, Ed earned three Bronze Stars, the Army Combat Parachutist Badge with Bronze Star, as well as two Presidential Unit Citations (each comparable to a Navy Cross), among numerous other awards and decorations. Not only did Ed achieve excellence on the battlefield, but he also excelled in education, too, by earning an undergraduate degree in Agriculture, as well as graduate degrees in Agriculture, Financial Management, Military Intelligence, and National Security Strategic Studies (with honors). Note: A little known fact is that Ed is also a Business Executive Leadership Coach for an International Company based on his expertise, knowledge and understanding of business.

Ed has pledged to donate his entire Senate salary to charities in our communities and scholarships for our youth. This further exemplifies his dedication to giving back and investing in the future of our district through selfless service as his family is well known for here in the County.

This is the kind of authentic and genuine experienced leader with the skills and grit we need to navigate the complexities of Frankfort politics, build relationships, formulate solutions and advance legislation and policies that keep our communities in this County and district thriving and safe.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly urge all voters in Anderson, Henry, Jefferson (eastern part), and Shelby Counties to support Ed Gallrein on Tuesday, May 21. With his proven leadership, dedication to serving our communities, and selfless commitment to public service, Ed is the candidate we need to represent us in Frankfort. Together, let’s elect a true and authentic leader and Champion for the hard-working people of Senate District 7.

Mike Armstrong
Shelby County native
Sheriff (retired) and local farmer

[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] S.W. Davis Col USMC (Ret)

Writer endorses Gallrein

It is a distinguished pleasure to provide my strongest endorsement for Captain Ed Gallrein III, (USNavy/SEAL (Ret)), a Republican candidate for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District in the May 21, 2024 primary.

I am a retired United States Marine Corps Colonel with more than 30 years of active duty service to include combat tours in Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-91), Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2002 & East Africa (CJTF-HOA) 2003-2004) and Operation Iraq Freedom (2005-2006). An infantry officer by trade, I have spent many years in Marine Corps Reconnaissance Units and Special Operations assignments culminating as the Deputy Commander, Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Upon retiring I have continued to consult and train USSOCOM units to include all SEAL Teams on both coasts.

I met Ed Gallrein when I was assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) at Ft Bragg, now Ft Liberty, NC in 1997. We worked closely on a daily basis for the next 2 years providing liaison, planning and operational expertise to Combatant Commanders with particular focus on the US Central Command and the Middle East. This partnership has been continuous to the present day and includes work consulting in support of Special Operations across the globe. Of note, Ed Gallrein received an individual award for superior performance for work with Polish Special Forces, work that ensured enhanced capability in an Allied nation’s premier force.

Many things about Ed Gallrein stand out immediately. No. 1, he is a true force of nature. Ed is a natural leader and routinely demonstrates proactive leadership. He is highly intelligent and always takes the initiative in leading people, using a farmer’s no nonsense approach to problem solving and developing plans to achieve superior results. His endurance is legendary. He has always had more energy than five 5 year olds! He’s tough. You already know that given his biography and the endorsements from his fellow SEALs. But his greatest qualities are his values, his love of family and his yearning to return to his birthplace and farm in Kentucky. Ed is a solid, just, Christian man who knows what right is. He is decisive, courageous and relentless in pursuing justice, bringing resolution to difficult problems, and finding the way to a ‘win win’ solution that benefits all.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make Ed Gallrein your State Senate candidate. His proven record of accomplishment and selfless service speaks for itself. Please allow one of our best to continue to serve and represent you, the good people of the 7th Senate District, with distinction.

Semper Fidelis,

S.W. Davis
Col USMC (Ret)

Gallrein Ushers in 2024 with a Pledge for Kentucky Senate District 7

Shelbyville, KY — Edward (Ed) G. Gallrein III (a 5thgeneration farmer of the Gallrein Farms Family, a retired career U.S. Navy SEAL Senior Officer, and an Army Ranger) has kicked off the new year by releasing his initial campaign plan for the Kentucky State Senate and pledging his support for issues important to the people of District 7: Agriculture, Economic Development, Education, and Veterans Affairs and Public Safety. Gallrein has also pledged to donate his entire Senate salary once in office.

The announcement comes after Gallrein formally filed for Kentucky State Senate District 7 – visiting the Kentucky Capitol building between farmwork and campaigning. The primary election will be held on Tuesday, May 21, and will be open to all eligible Republican voters living in Anderson, Henry, Jefferson (eastern part), and Shelby Counties.

“I’m running for public office to continue to serve and be a Champion for the hard-working people of Senate District 7,” said Gallrein. “Supporting the values of the people and businesses in this District and being their voice in Frankfort is what my campaign slogan “We the People” means.” 

“I’m a battle-tested leader with a farmer’s frugality, work ethic and long-term perspective. I’m ready to build relationships, develop solutions, and fight for our values in Frankfort. I pledge to be a tireless Champion for our residents and prioritize issues based on their voices including Agriculture, our Economy, Education, Veterans and Public Safety. Additionally, I pledge to donate my Senate salary to charities in our communities and scholarships for our youth, for the benefit of the hardworking people of District 7 who I will selflessly serve.” 

Ed Gallrein’s Campaign Pledge:

Advocating for Agriculture, Economic Development, Education & Veterans.

AGRICULTURE: Ed Gallrein is committed to advocating for agri-business and farmers’ interests, drawing from his extensive agricultural roots as a 5th generation farmer. Armed with both a bachelor’s and graduate degree in agriculture, as well as many years of farming experience, Gallrein’s plan upon assuming office includes joining the Senate Agriculture Committee to amplify the voices of farmers and be an Ambassador for farmers to his fellow legislators. Gallrein is an active member of the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, the Kentucky Soybean Association, and the Kentucky Corn Growers. He is also a member of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture AG Veterans Steering Committee to advocate and advance opportunities for military Veterans in agriculture. Gallrein has already begun developing relationships with legislators involved with this committee.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  Ed Gallrein believes Senate District 7 deserves a fair share of state-appropriated funds and resources.  Gallrein intends to join the Economic Development Committee to utilize his background and experience in business (including being a certified business owner/operator coach and a farmer), along with his graduate degree in Financial Management to be an advocate for the district.  His objective is to foster a diverse and thriving economic ecosystem within the district, nurturing future growth, prosperity, and sustainability in a manner that ensures that development is in line with the wants, needs and best interests of the communities he represents.  He intends to build relationships with his fellow Senators and Representatives, and be an Ambassador for this district’s rural communities to all Kentucky legislators.  Gallrein has already begun developing relationships with legislators involved with this committee.

EDUCATION: Ed Gallrein recognizes the pivotal role that Education plays in shaping the district’s future. Gallrein’s own educational opportunities made a huge impact on his life trajectory, and his family includes multiple dedicated public schoolteachers. Once in office, Gallrein aims to join and contribute to the Education Committee using his Certified Post Secondary Instructor skills and experience as a senior faculty member at the Joint Special Operations University. As a father of four and a grandfather of four, Gallrein’s focus will be on ensuring that our children and grandchildren receive a top-tier education. Gallrein has already begun developing relationships with legislators involved with this committee.  Gallrein will prioritize fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic – and put kids first, and advance vocational and technical education and training opportunities to provide tradesman and a skilled workforce to businesses and industries.

VETERANS, MILITARY AFFAIRS, & PUBLIC PROTECTION: Once again, Ed Gallrein intends to join the legislative committee that advances Veterans and Military Affairs issues as well as public safety and security. Gallrein is a supporter of patriots, law enforcement, and first responders who have served and who continue to serve our Nation, and, therefore, plans to be an Ambassador for them to his fellow legislators.  Gallrein is also a defender of the 2nd Amendment.  Additionally, he will apply his extensive military experience and Top Secret – Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance to ensure our District and the Commonwealth remains safe and secure.

“With your support on May 21, it would be my honor to put my experience to work for you and your family,” said Gallrein. “I have worked for decades alongside government officials, across the entire inter-agency spectrum, from U.S. Military Leaders to Ambassadors. I know that my background will help me greatly to advance the priorities of District 7 residents. I believe I have the proven leadership experience that is needed to work through complex issues, build better relationships, and develop solutions in the Senate.

Gallrein’s decision to pursue office stems from his desire to continue his service to others—this time in his own community. He is a decorated combat veteran, passionate supporter of our Veterans, and a seasoned leader. During Gallrein’s nearly 40-year career in military leadership, management and advisory roles, he was responsible for leading multiple Navy SEAL Units and Joint Special Operations Task Forces and Units involved in sensitive high-stakes military activities and operations around the globe, including in high intensity combat missions.

Born and reared on a family farm in Kentucky, Gallrein has lived a full life as a passionate, Kentucky farmer. His family has distinguished themselves for over 100 years with excellence in agriculture, community, and public service. Gallrein himself continues this family’s farming legacy today as a 5th generation farmer; he manages a thriving farm and horse stable with his wife, Heather, in Shelby County.

Visit to learn more about Edward G. Gallrein III and for updates on his 2024 senate campaign.


Thirty-Fourth Anniversary of Operation JUST CAUSE

Thirty-four years ago, in the early morning hours of December 20, 1989, the United States initiated Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama. This mission was a response to repeated hostile acts against U.S. service members and citizens ordered by General Manuel Noriega – including the killing of a U.S. Army Officer, the wounding of another Officer, and the kidnapping of a Navy SEAL Officer and his wife who were being tortured.

At the time, Operation JUST CAUSE was the largest and most complex combat operation since the Vietnam War. The primary purpose of the Operation was to remove the de facto ruler of Panama, General Manuel Noriega, who had seized power illegally: He was also wanted by U.S. authorities for racketeering and drug trafficking (among other crimes). The Operation intended to reinstate the rightfully-elected President and to restore law and order. The Operation started with simultaneous assaults on numerous strategic targets throughout Panama, led by US Special Operations Forces.

I was a Navy Lieutenant/SEAL – and an Army Ranger – serving as a planner and leader during the Operation. This coincided with my assignment to my second SEAL Team (a Special Misson Unit – think SEAL All-Stars); one of my seven total SEAL Unit assignments during my active-duty career that spanned thirty years.

Note: The invasion was the first combat deployment for the Attack Helicopter-64, the HMMWV, and the F-117A “Nighthawk” aircraft.

United States invasion of Panama – Wikipedia

The Battle of Rio Hato Airfield took place as an opening action of the Operation. This battle was fought between a U.S. Special Operations Task Force and the Panama Defense Forces (PDF) on December 20and 21, 1989. The action saw a Special Operations Task Force, primarily over 1,000 soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment as well as Joint Special Operations forces attached (including me as the only SEAL), launch a surprise attack via a mass tactical parachute drop executed under the cover of darkness against the PDF forces at Rio Hato. Rio Hato was the PDF’s largest military base in the country, approximately seventy miles south of Panama City. The objectives were to:

  • Capture the PDF garrison (the largest and most formidable PDF unit, fully equipped with Soviet military equipment and weapons, and loyal to General Noriega) at the base to prevent them from reinforcing other PDF Units in Panama City. Successful reinforcement of their units could have been catastrophic for U.S. Forces,
  • Secure the airfield runway for possible follow-on operations elsewhere in Panama, and
  • Seize dictator Manuel Noriega’s beach house hide-out and collect evidence for his trial.

Battle of Rio Hato Airfiled

We loaded on 13 aircraft at Lawson Army Airfield (Ft. Benning, GA) at night in a cold December rain and sleet storm for the nearly six-hour flight to the drop zone. I was on the lead and 1st of 13 U.S. Air Force C-130 aircraft that participated in the Operation (of which 11 took direct hits from PDF anti-aircraft fire). I exited the aircraft as the thirteenth man through the left door for a combat static line parachute jump with full combat equipment while being only 450 feet above ground level (for reference, typical jumps are at 1000 feet AGL). The aircraft had descended to 450 feet AGL to avoid the massive amounts of enemy anti-aircraft fire.

My mission was to lead the Rangers to conduct the seizure and search of General Noriega’s beach house – to capture him if he was present – and seize evidence for his trial in the United States. I had been a lead planner for this highly sensitive and classified target for over a year; I knew it better than anyone. I led the Rangers to seize, clear and search the massive beach house, one of Noriega’s hide-outs. After my mission was complete, I returned to Panama City to rejoin my Navy Special Mission Unit for follow-on operations that continued through January of 1990. Our Unit was to track down and neutralize Noriega’s network of thugs (and I missed another Christmas Holiday of many deployed away from my family).

I was awarded the Combat Parachutist Badge with Bronze Star – in fact I was the only Navy SEAL to ever earn the award according to military historians.   

Note: Against a Navy Doctor’s orders, I took off my walking cast and jumped into the Battle of Rio Hato with a broken right foot. I had sustained that injury from my last parachute jump in Ranger School just days earlier. In fairness, the Navy Doctor was earnestly concerned about my long-term welfare. The doctor knew that a permanent injury to my foot would have been a disqualifying factor for a SEAL and would have forced me out of the SEAL Teams and possibly the Navy, but I was determined to go regardless.

This was the first of my many involvements in operations that were at the intersection of US National Security and Foreign Policy. During three decades as a Navy SEAL Officer, I had the honor and privilege to lead hundreds of SEALs and Joint Special Operations troops in highly sensitive and classified activities and operations all over the world.

U.S. casualties at the Battle of Rio Hato included 4 killed and 44 wounded. Total U.S. casualties for the Operation were 23 killed and 325 wounded. 

Note: 4 SEALs were killed and 9 were wounded at Paitilla Airport – teammates of mine – one being Chief Petty Officer McFaul who has a Navy warship ship (USS Arleigh Burke Destroyer/DDG-74) named after him for his heroism.

Some 34 years ago after US forces completed Operation JUST CAUSE and were redeploying home, let us not forget the sacrifices made by those who served there, including some that gave their all and did not return. We must recognize the debt we owe them and their families that can never be repaid, only honored by sincere gestures of remembrance and the way we live our lives in service to others who serve.

As a result of this Operation, and upon my retirement, I felt a duty and obligation to continue to support our fallen and wounded warriors and their families. I assumed the roles and duties as the President of the Mid-South Chapter (which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas) of the Underwater Demolition Team-SEAL Association, the SEAL Team Alumni organization.

I also started an annual fellowship and fundraising event right here in Shelby County (the 9th annual event is this year) for the SEAL Veterans Foundation. The event supports SEAL widows, wounded, and surviving children with resources and programs – thanks to the generosity and patriotism of our local sponsors as well as volunteers. 

I gained the values of leadership by example, personal courage, thorough thoughtful analysis, strategic planning, and teamwork from this Operation. I practiced these attributes during the countless other operations and missions that followed during my three-decade career as an active-duty Navy SEAL Officer and leader. I intend to take these values to the State Senate and represent the people of this District.

[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Master Chief Petty Officer Drew Sande, US Navy/SEAL (Retired)

It is my pleasure to provide my endorsement with confidence for a fellow career active-duty Navy SEAL who is a candidate for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District: Captain Edward (Ed) G. Gallrein III, US Navy/SEAL (Retired).

I am a retired career active-duty SEAL Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9) with twenty-six years of active-duty service where I served at all levels of SEAL enlisted leadership including as the SEAL Advanced Training Command’s Senior Enlisted Leader. I now serve as the President of the Underwater Demolition Team-SEAL Association, our SEAL alumni group that provides programs to support our Naval Special Warfare (NSW) service members, Veterans and their families.

I first met Ed as Ensign Gallrein in 1984 (fresh out of being commissioned at Naval Officer Candidate School) in SEAL training, famously known as Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training, at the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base, California. Our BUD/S Class started with over 130 students. We were a winter class that historically has a higher failure rate … and we did — only 18 of the original members graduated. Ed distinguished himself throughout BUD/S training through his exceptional work ethic, never quit attitude (including during Hell Week), leadership and teamwork. I fondly recall many after-hours sessions with Ensign Gallrein leading the maintenance and repairs of our BUD/S Class’s Inflatable Boats Small (IBS) fleet to keep them in tip top condition as our primary means of transport, a factor that was part of the BUD/S Instructor’s evaluation of our Class to determine if we had attention to detail and Teamwork to be SEALs. (These are vital characteristics for SEALs and SEAL Teams.)

Ed graduated from BUD/S and went on to serve as an active-duty member of the elite SEAL Officer community in numerous leadership positions for a career that covered three decades, reaching the rank and position of Commodore (a senior Captain in Command of an operational NSW/SEAL Group).

Ed continues to serve tirelessly as a leader after retiring from active duty. In fact, he volunteered to assume the role as President of the UDT-SEAL Association’s Mid-South Chapter (which includes Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas) when he got home to his farm in Kentucky. Additionally, evidence of his continued passion to serve is the fact that started an annual Navy SEAL Family Picnic and fundraiser at Gallrein Farms to bring SEAL Team Veterans throughout the area and surrounding states together for fellowship (and next year will be the 9th annual event). The event also raises funds from local area patriotic and generous sponsors to support programs much needed by our SEAL Team Veterans, widows, orphans, and wounded. Ed also stepped up to assume the role as the area Ambassador for the SEAL Veterans Foundation, our sister organization for fundraising.

Ed has demonstrated the ability to effectively lead and selflessly serve others, and he is certain to represent his Senate District in an exemplary manner. I invite you to join me and support Ed Gallrein for State Senate.


Master Chief Petty Officer Drew Sande, US Navy/SEAL (Retired)
President, UDT-SEAL Association

[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Edward G. Winters III, RADM, USN/SEAL (Ret.)

Gallrein endorsement

I am more than honored to give my strongest endorsement for a fellow career active-duty Navy SEAL Officer who I know well: Captain Edward (Ed) G. Gallrein III, US Navy/SEAL (Ret.), a Republican candidate for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District in the May 21, 2024 primary.

I am a retired career Navy SEAL Rear Admiral with over thirty years of active-duty service. My assignments include being a Commanding Officer of SEAL Teams multiple times. I was also promoted to two-star Admiral and assigned as the Commander of Naval Special Warfare Forces — including all the SEAL Teams, so I have served with and closely observed countless SEAL Officers and SEAL enlisted members throughout my career.

I first met Ed as a SEAL Lieutenant in 1987 after he completed an arduous advanced SEAL skills training and selection program for assignment to the SEAL Special Mission Unit where he was assigned to my Team and served with distinction including in combat. Subsequently, I served with him numerous times all over the globe where he distinguished himself as a courageous SEAL Leader and tough as nails warrior (earning the call-sign “Spike”). I recall Ed routinely volunteering for, accepting and excelling in the toughest SEAL Officer assignments and deployments.

Ed served as an active-duty SEAL Officer for a career spanning three decades and countless deployments. He was promoted and assigned to numerous SEAL Officer leadership positions that he excelled in along the way. In fact, evidence of his leadership is that Ed was selected and assigned to command twice as a Navy Captain (where he was rated as the number one SEAL Commodore), twice as a Navy Commander (equivalent of a Lieutenant Colonel), and he served as an Officer in-Charge three times among numerous other SEAL Officer leadership positions. Ed was also known for his superior problem solving skills, including his ability to collaborate with others to develop solutions for the most difficult problems we faced.

Ed also distinguished himself in combat operations: He earned three Bronze Stars (for his leadership in a combat zone), two Presidential Unit Citations (each equal to a Navy Cross), multiple Combat Action ribbons and the Combat Parachutist Badge with Bronze Star (among many other personal and unit awards). If that wasn’t enough, Ed is also an Army Ranger — a qualification he pursued and obtained to be a better SEAL Officer and leader (one of the few SEAL Officers to ever do so).

Ed has demonstrated the ability, dedication and courage to continue to serve and lead: He is certain to represent his Senate District with distinction. I encourage you to stand with me and support Ed Gallrein for Kentucky State Senate.

Edward G. Winters III

[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Bill Gallrein Sr.

Gallrein III for 7th Senate District

It is my pleasure to provide the Gallrein Family’s strongest endorsement for Ed Gallrein III, who is a candidate for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District, which includes Anderson, Henry, Shelby and a part of east Jefferson County.

Ed is my nephew and the son of my oldest brother, Sonny Gallrein.

Ed grew up on the Gallrein Brothers Dairy Farm on the Ohio River bottoms in Valley Station, Kentucky, where we had farmed for decades. There he learned the value and satisfaction of hard work. He also mastered the ability to work with others to get things done on our family farm — the largest dairy farm in Kentucky at the time.

Ed went on to farm with his dad in Logan County, where they grew their diversified family farm, which included a trucking company and a grain brokerage, to be one of the largest grain farm operations in Kentucky. Ed earned a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Agriculture from Murray State University (where he worked on the school farm), providing him an advanced understanding of production agriculture and agribusiness.

After farming for the first 26 years of his life, Ed had a military career that spanned three decades as an active-duty career Navy SEAL Officer. After retiring from the military nearly a decade ago, Ed returned here to be with family where we helped him get his farm started and still work cooperatively with him. We are thankful to have him back home after years of overseas deployments serving our Nation, including in combat.

Ed’s strong work ethic, extensive leadership experience, eagerness to serve, and deep understanding of our rural communities make him the most qualified candidate to represent our families, businesses, and farms in this Senate District. The Gallrein Family stands with Ed for State Senate!

Bill Gallrein Sr.
Gallrein Farms

[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Secret Service Agent David F. Ray (Ret.)

by Secret Service Agent David F. Ray (Ret.), Spring Valley Farms

NOTE: Reference is made to Col. Walter M. Herd’s “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” published in the August 16, 2023 edition of THE SENTINEL NEWS.

I want to recognize Col. Herd’s LETTER TO THE EDITOR for his description of former US NAVY SEAL Captain Ed Gallrein and his record in representing our country through his vast experiences in the military and other government assignments.

We, as citizens of this great state, need persons with his knowledge, education and dedication to family, country and hard work.

As a parent with my wife we have four married children, nine grandchildren, and almost four great grandchildren.

Our experience in farming for the past thirty three years in Shelby County, and Inspector General for the State of Kentucky and Special Agent in Charge of the Kentucky U. S. Secret Service Office and including my wife’s duties as a schoolteacher have given us the experiences of a lifetime.

Please recognize Ed Gallrein’s value as a candidate representing us as we plan on voting for him for this most important position in the Kentucky State Senate.

[Sentinel News Letter to the Editor] Col. (Ret) Walter Herd: Candidate Gallrein

by Colonel (Ret) Walter M. Herd, Herd Hills Farm, Simpsonville

Here in Shelby County, we have what an old War College professor of mine would call “an embarrassment of riches”. Other people in history would have given anything to live like we do today. We have so many good things — our freedoms, this bountiful land, and — of course — phenomenal people.

I am excited to support one of those phenomenal people in particular today.

My good friend and fellow Shelby Countian, Ed Gallrein, has filed to run for Kentucky’s 7th Senate District, which includes Anderson, Henry, part of Jefferson, and our own Shelby County.

I want to share a couple of things about Ed Gallrein that you won’t hear from him. That’s because he’s much more likely to talk with you about farming, and ask you about your family, than talk about himself.

To sum it up, Ed has demonstrated the ability to excel at all levels of human leadership, from the tactical level (short-term problem solving) to the strategic level (long-term, enduring solutions). He has led and succeeded in the most elite and fast-paced organizations and military units our Nation has. Ed has also lived a full life as a passionate Kentucky farmer; his family has distinguished themselves for over 100 years with excellence inagriculture, community, and public service.

I first met US Navy SEAL Captain Ed Gallrein in Afghanistan as a fellow Special Operations Task Force Commander. We became friends while sharing the battlefield that was some 6,000 miles (and seemingly 2,000 years) away from our Bluegrass State. Ed and I came together to problem solve and develop solutions for our respective Task Forces conducting sustained combat operations to keep our Nation safe.

Ed is now a highly decorated, retired Navy SEAL Captain living back in Kentucky. He left our Commonwealth for three decades, dedicated to his career as a Navy SEAL Officer. For those of you who don’t know, a Navy SEAL Officer is on duty all day, every day, 24/7. Ed worked in leadership positions that were quite literally responsible for the lives and deaths of the troops assigned to him for nearly 30 years. After active duty, he spent nearly 10 more years as an advisor for Special Operations and Government Agency security activities — activities that affected US National Security and Foreign Policy.

As a member of the elite SEAL Officer community, Ed was not only one of the best, but he earned his way to be one of the best of the best (think all-stars of the super-stars). He was groomed, screened, and assigned to numerous leadership positions that he excelled at along the way. Ed commanded twice as a Navy Captain (equivalent of an Army Colonel’s Brigade or Regimental command).

Not only do I know CAPT Gallrein as a warrior and strategic leader who is a skilled communicator, but by some blessing of coincidence the both of us

retired to our family farms back here in Shelby County, Kentucky. Ed is active in local Veteran’s support efforts. He is also President of a tri-state SEAL Association Chapter and even holds an annual fundraiser at Gallrein Farms for the SEAL widows, orphans, and wounded.

I happen to know that Ed and his family did not retire to this area because he needed to or because he had nowhere else to go. In fact, Ed willingly gave up much more lucrative and luxurious options to contribute his efforts and strategic leadership to help his fellow Kentuckians. Many of Ed’s peers retire to become wealthy “beltway bandits” outside of Washington DC, or Special Operations consultants near Ft Bragg, NC or near the US Special Operations Command in Tampa FL. No: Ed came home because he wanted to.

If you have spent more than 30 minutes in Shelby County, you have heard the name Gallrein mentioned in the same sentence as excellence in agriculture. Ed grew up on the Gallrein Family dairy farm working cattle and raising crops. He could drive a tractor long before he could (legally) drive a car on the road. Evidence of his family farm-life work ethic includes the fact he earned undergraduate and master’s degrees in agriculture, another master’s degree in financial management, yet another master’s in military intelligence (he still holds Top Secret Clearance), and a fourth master’s in strategic studies — among numerous other professional certifications and qualifications including Project Management Professional and Certified Post-Secondary Instructor.

In my humble opinion, we hit the gold mine when my friend came home. I sincerely believe we desperately need Ed’s unmatched credentials, qualifications and expertise to best represent us a Champion for our values in the Kentucky Senate at this time in our Commonwealth’s and Nation’s history.

Ed Gallrein of the Gallrein Farms Family Announces His State Senate Candidacy For 2024

Shelbyville, KY — Thursday, Edward G. Gallrein III – of the Gallrein Farms Family – and a retired U.S. Navy SEAL Captain and Army Ranger — officially announced his candidacy for Kentucky State Senate District 7, which includes Anderson, Henry, Jefferson (Part), and Shelby Counties. Gallrein and his family have demonstrated excellence in Agriculture in Kentucky for over 100 years. Gallrein and his wife, Heather, currently own and operate a farm and horse stable in Shelby County. Gallrein is running for state senate to apply his passion for agriculture, community service, and public safety to be a champion for the people in the 7th District.

“As a senator, I will focus on strengthening the local businesses and industries that provide jobs and opportunities in our district and keeping our communities safe and strong” said Gallrein. “After nearly 40 years of service in support of national security and foreign policy, I look forward to applying my experience and leadership for the benefit of our local communities. My experiences have taught me how to handle extreme pressure and build relationships with others to obtain optimum outcomes. My credentials will help me effectively navigate the policy-making process to best represent and support our residents.”

Gallrein is a highly-decorated combat Veteran, senior Navy SEAL Officer and an Army Ranger. His military career spanned three decades on active duty, and another decade as an advisor to senior Government Leaders. Gallrein has planned, led, and conducted sensitive Special Operations in support of U.S. National Security Strategy and Foreign Policy Objectives around the globe. Gallrein’s accolades and awards include three bronze stars and two presidential unit citations for superior performance in combat, among other personal and unit awards. Today, Gallrein serves as an Executive Coach within VISTAGE, assisting CEOs and businesses in Louisville and the surrounding areas to make better decisions for their business and communities.

“I grew up on a family dairy farm in Kentucky,” said Gallrein. “When times were hard, strong family work ethic and community ties saw us through. As your next state senator, I will support policies and legislation that foster healthy, safe, resilient, and prosperous communities. I know how to problem-solve with others on volatile and complex issues, and how to work with large organizations and other stakeholders to obtain positive solutions. I ask your support to allow me to use my experience to continue to serve and ensure Senate District 7 is a good place for its citizens, farms, and businesses to prosper.”

Beyond his professional engagements, Gallrein is passionate about issues that affect Veterans and military families. He is the President of the Underwater Demolition Team-SEAL Association’s Midsouth Chapter (three state area) and plays a pivotal role in steering the SEAL Association’s efforts in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas to support Veterans and their families. He is also active in the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association.

Gallrein and his wife are advocates for Kentucky’s equestrian heritage, particularly when it comes to fostering the advancement of ethical and sustainable industry practices. Gallrein is also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a certified NRA rifle and pistol instructor.

Visit to learn more about Gallrein and for updates on this 2024 senate campaign.


State Senate Candidate Ed Gallrein in Naval Uniform