About Ed

  • Ed Gallrein is a 5th generation farmer and small business owner —
  • A retired career Navy SEAL Commissioned Officer and decorated combat veteran —
  • A family man and a Christian, Conservative Republican —
  • And Ed Gallrein is a candidate for Kentucky’s 7th State Senate District, comprised of Anderson, Henry, and Shelby Counties as well as part of east Jefferson County.

Ed Gallrein is a retired career Senior Navy SEAL Officer. His career spanned three decades of service as a leader on active duty (24/7-365 days a year) that included countless deployments—including combat actions—all over the globe. After retiring from active duty, Ed was recruited to continue his service and spent nearly another decade as a senior advisor and public servant— advising senior U.S. Government leaders (including Generals, Admirals, Ambassadors and Senior Civilians) by formulating strategic/operational plans to achieve U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security objectives. 

Today, Ed is applying his background and experience to continue his service by serving the people of this district. With his extensive experience and education, combined with his extraordinary track record of valor and service representing duty-honor-country, Ed possesses the courage and leadership skills to best and most effectively represent our issues and values in Frankfort as well as stand against government overreach – and get results.

Agriculture Is Our Wisest Pursuit – Thomas Jefferson

Ed Gallrein is a true Kentuckian, hailing as a 5th generation farmer from a family of farmers that have been a prominent part of Kentucky’s agriculture history for over 100 years.

  • Ed and his wife Heather both grew up on farms in Kentucky: Ed grew up on a family dairy farm, while his wife, Heather, grew up on a beef cattle farm.
  • Like so many, Ed learned how to drive a tractor long before he could (legally) drive a farm truck on the road (as did his wife, Heather!).
  • Ed thrived on his family farm and mastered all aspects of the enterprise.  In fact, Ed was Vice President of Gallrein Grain Farms and Gallrein Trucking before being accepted into the Navy Officer ranks and completing SEAL training. 
  • Ed’s farm-life work ethic is reflected in the five college degrees he earned – including undergraduate and graduate degrees in agriculture, and three more master’s degrees in financial management, military intelligence, and strategic studies. Ed recognizes the value of learning and education and is a life-long-learner.
  • Ed’s education included Centre College and Murray State for undergraduate studies, focusing on agriculture, and he played intercollegiate football at both schools. He was completing his master’s degree studies in Agriculture and was on his way to law school to serve farmers and rural Kentucky.
  • Ed and his wife Heather own and operate The Circle G Farm & Stables in Shelby County. Their stable provides care and services for the horses boarded at their farm. Their farm also produces grass-fed beef for consumers as well as hay for the local cattle and equestrian communities. 
  • Additionally, and like many farm families, they engage in the common practice of cooperation and “trading-out” with their family at close-by Gallrein Farms of Shelby County.
  • Ed and Heather are also both active in the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, and members of the Kentucky Soybean Growers and Kentucky Corn Growers Association.

Never Out of the Fight
– Navy SEALs Motto

Captain (and Commodore) Ed Gallrein served as a senior military officer in the Navy SEALs. Ed is a decorated combat veteran, a retired career Senior Navy SEAL Officer, and is Army Ranger qualified. His military career spanned three decades on active duty, and another decade as a senior advisor to U.S. Government Officials on formulating strategy and operational plans to achieve U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security objectives.

  • Ed Gallrein is the President of the Underwater Demolition Team-SEAL Association’s Mid-South Chapter (essentially alumni association for SEAL Team veterans, which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas).  He plays a leadership role in steering the UDT-SEAL Association’s efforts to support veterans and their families, including Gold Star Families in the area as well as fundraising for programs that serve them.
  • Ed is also the area Ambassador, for the SEAL Veterans Foundation.
  • During his career, Ed was screened, selected, and assigned four times as a Commander and three times as an Officer-In-Charge across seven SEAL Teams/Unit assignments, where he planned, led, and conducted sensitive special activities and classified operations around the globe, including combat operations.  (Some of those assignments were at Special Mission Units who have critical sensitive missions assigned to them.)
  • Ed is a highly decorated Combat Veteran:  He earned three Bronze Stars, two Presidential Unit Citations (each equivalent to a Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy), multiple Combat Action and Campaign ribbons, and the Army Combat Parachute Badge with Bronze Star, as well as numerous other personal and unit awards.
  • After his active-duty career, Ed was recruited to serve for another nearly another decade as a senior advisor to assist senior U.S. Government Leaders formulate strategy and develop operational plans to achieve U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security objectives.
  • Additionally, Ed is a graduate of the War College with Distinction (honors), a top-level school for senior military officers to prepare them for senior leadership positions and to think and act strategically as leaders.

We The People…
– U.S. Constitution Opening Phrase

“We the People” are the first three words in The Constitution — and arguably the most important.   

Ed has what it takes to be a Champion for our rights in the State Senate. His proven leadership, extensive experience, and unmatched credentials and qualifications make him the ideal candidate to advance our values, tackle the challenges we face, and seize the opportunities we will have. He is no stranger to the “mission” of public service. However, this time, Ed’s mission is to represent his district, its convictions, principles, values, and needs of its families  its diverse economic eco-system (including the businesses and farms in the district).

  • Ed serves as an Executive Leadership Coach with VISTAGE, assisting business owners and Chief Executive Officers to make better decisions for better outcomes, not only for their businesses, but also for themselves, their families, and their communities.
  • Ed is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. He is an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, certified in gun handling and safety.
  • Ed has the courage to stand up for what is right: He has stood up against wrongdoing involving senior career government officials, holding them accountable – and he prevailed against all odds.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.
– Navy SEALs Motto

Ed has succeeded in the most elite and fast-paced organizations and military units in our Nation. This has included multiple assignments to what is termed “special mission units” who conduct demanding, highly sensitive activities and classified operations around the globe during peacetime and war.

Ed has demonstrated the ability to excel at all levels of leadership, from the tactical level (immediate and urgent problem solving) to the strategic level (enduring solutions requiring deep analysis and informed judgment) by collaborating with others and building relationships with stakeholders. Ed Gallrein’s background, education, work ethic, and decades of family farming and agri-business experience provide him the right skills to serve as a State Senator.

Ed Gallrein:
His Faith, His Family

There are two things that are most important to Ed: His faith in God and his family. These values come before everything else and influence everything else he does. Ed is a Christian, as well as a husband, father, and grandfather.

Ed and his wife Heather share a love for God, love for family, love for farming, love for their local community, for Kentucky, and for our great Nation. Like Ed, Heather grew up on a multi-generational family farm in Kentucky. Heather has a long history of service in this state. She values life-long learning and is herself a published academic.

In addition to the life Ed shares with Heather, Ed is also blessed with four adult children and four grandchildren. Ed and Heather enjoy hosting their family on the farm and introducing the newest generation of Gallreins to the joys and adventures of farm life. There’s never a dull moment with their cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, and cattle!

Ed and Heather have spent their lives working to provide a safe place for people — so that people can thrive and live their best lives. Ed spent his military career serving our great Nation to keep it safe and secure. While Heather spent her career as a Christian counselor and therapist providing support and a safe place for the weary, the confused, the lost, and the traumatized. She knows that healing, growth, and transformed lives can prevail in the midst of the evils and storms of life.

Ed wants to continue his work, serving in Kentucky’s 7th Senate District. Heather seeks to stand by her husband and support him as a Teammate in this work, as well as in any of his endeavors that honor God and advance what is good.